Leadership and Health Administration

The Health Administration Team provides strategic direction and support to the Health Services Departments.

Alana Hill, Acting Director 

Kelly Gordon, Portfolio Lead, Community Health and Wellness

Jessie Gartshore, Portfolio Lead, Child & Youth Health

Crystal Burning, Portfolio Lead, Mental Wellness

Janet Gasparelli, Portfolio Lead, Family and Community Care 

Quality Lead: Vacant 

  • Policy Analyst 

  • Special Projects Officer 

  • Economic Analyst 

  • Project Lead 


  • Health Human Resources Coordinator 

  • Health Research

  • Infection Prevention and Control Officer

  • Clinical Education Coordinator 

  • Health Communications Officer 

  • Technical Coordinator 

  • Finance Team

  • Epidemiologist

  • Admin Supports 

  • Cultural Advisors 

  • Electronic Medical Records Coordinator  


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