Sexual Health Program

Confidential Sexual Health Services. 

A wholistic system that inspires people to achieve wellness.

Our mission it to create a safe environment, to guide, support, and care for our community members on their wellness journey. 

The Sexual Health Program offers the following confidential services:

Birth Control Information Pap Testing Information
Pregnancy Testing  Options Counselling 
Community Events  Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Management and Counselling 
HIV/AIDS Information  

This is a general health information page. It does not replace any health professional or service advice. No personal health information will be collected or stored on this website. If you require health care services, please call your doctor or Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

Sexual Health Programs

It is often difficult to address the complex issue of sexuality, yet it is an integral part of our lives.

Our goal is to provide education, awareness and promote responsibility regarding lifestyle issues that affect sexual health, pregnancy outcome and the risk for HIV/AIDS.  Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

The Sexual Health Program consists of the following services:

  • Birth Control Information - Comparison of the various methods of Birth Control in order to help individuals and couples make an informed decision.
  • Pap Testing Information - This allows early detection and treatment of cancer of the cervix. Cancer of the cervix is a silent disease that rarely shows symptoms. Call your family physician and make an appointment for this simple test.
  • Pregnancy Testing - If you think you may be pregnant, it is important to discuss this matter with your family physician and /or nurse.
  • Options Counselling - Please call and make an appointment to discuss your concerns about pregnancy.
  • Community Events - Six Nations Pride and World AIDS Day – Red Scarf Campaign. Watch for Sexual Health Clinics, Sexual Health Awareness Days, Annual Youth Health Forum.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Management and Counseling - Sex is a normal and healthy part of our lives. However, there are many types of infections that are spread through sex. Some are easily cured, but others, if not treated, can have a serious effect on your health. STI testing is done by your family physician or nearest ER/ walk-in clinic or you can call and discuss your concerns with the Sexual Health Nurse.
  • HIV/AIDS Information - In order to better understand the complexity of HIV and AIDS, it is crucial to obtain accurate and factual information. We have information on anonymous testing sites in Ontario. Any question you may have is a valid question. For appointments or any other information, please call: 519-445-2672 EXT. 247 Sexual Health Nurse
  • Location - Gane Yohs Health Centre, 1769 Chiefswood Rd., PO Box 220, Ohsweken, Ont. Canada N0A 1M0
  • Are you having sex with anyone else?
  • How many sexual partners have you had?
  • Have you ever had a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)?
  • Have you ever had a sexual partner who had HIV or another STI?
  • How long has it been since you’ve been tested for HIV or other STIs?
  • How many sexual partners have you had since?
  • Have you ever had genital warts or sores?
  • Do you have any STI symptoms? Symptoms such as sores, warts, vaginal or penile discharge?
  • Do you know how to tell if you have an STI?
  • Do you prefer getting tested for HIV/STIs and then having a relationship only with each other, or using condoms each time we have sex?

Resource: Permission granted from Halton Region Health Dept. 2015​

A Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) is an infection which is passed on from one person to another during sexual activity which can involve sexual intercourse, skin to skin contact and an exchange of body fluids.

There are many different types of STIs that can be passed on during Oral sex -  ChlamydiaGonorrheaSyphilisHuman Papilloma Virus (HPV)HerpesHepatitis B and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).  Vaginal sex exposure can involve all the STIs –  ChlamydiaGonorrheaSyphilisHPVHerpesHepatitis BHIVTrichomoniasisPubic lice and Scabies.  Anal sex involves the most STIs exposures- ChlamydiaGonorrheaSyphilisHPVHerpesHepatitis BHIVPubic lice and Scabies.

  • Abstinence – no sex of any kind.
  • Practice safer sex – always carry and use latex or latex free male or female condoms for vaginal, anal or oral sex. Use dental dams for oral sex. One time use for each condom, check expiry date and package for damages. Never use 2 condoms together.
  • Limit the number of sexual partners that you have. Multiple partners increase the risks for STIs.
  • Practice birth control options and condom use together for effective protection against STIs and pregnancy.
  • Get tested for STIs including HIV and Hepatitis C regularly.
  • Practice Harm Reduction if you use intravenous drugs. Don’t share needles or syringes. Get new needles or supplies from a needle exchange/harm reduction program from your local health unit or community health centre.
  • Avoid sex while under the influences of alcohol or drugs which can impair your judgment.
  • Avoid sharing sex toys and use a new condom before each use. Clean your sex toys as per instructions between vaginal and anal use.
  • Avoid risky activities which include unprotected sex – vaginal, anal and oral; sharing used needles and syringes for injecting drugs, snorting, tattoos and piercings with unsterilized equipment; contact with open cuts or sores of an infected person - eg. Fighting, Sexual Assault, HIV transmission from HIV infected mother to her baby while pregnant, during birth or through breast milk.

Sexual Health Infoline Ontario (SHILO) - 1-800-668-2437

David Braley Health Centre

100 Main St W,

Hamilton, ON L8P 1H6

(905) 525-9140

East End

247 Centennial Pkwy N Unit 8,

Hamilton, ON L8E 2X3

(905) 546-3750

Waterdown, Ontario

315 Dundas St E 2nd Floor,

Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0

(905) 528-5894

Street Health

Centre Ferguson N, 

Hamilton, ON



891 Upper James St Unit 106A,

Hamilton, ON L9C 3A5

(905) 528-5894

Notre Dame Youth Shelter

14 Cannon St W,

Hamilton, ON L8R 2B3

(905) 308-8090

No health card or appointment needed.

Call Sexual Health Info Line: 905-528-5894
- OR-

Anonymous and Rapid HIV/STI Tests Available with Results in Minutes.

Sexual Health Painting
Sexual Health Painting

Sexual Health Painting by Adam W. Martin

Detailed description of painting:  Six Nations Sexual Health Website

Adam W. Martin
Six Nations of the Grand, b.1976

Sexual Health

Acrylic on Canvas
30” X 22”

This painting was inspired by floral patterns regularly found in beadwork by artists of many Metis and First Nations cultures.  The figures are made up of a single plant of which they are both growing from and are surrounded by demonstrating interconnectedness of life.  They are close together in an embrace to depict a relationship built on mutual respect.  Deep green leaves and warm sprouting flowers reflect a strong and healthy relationship.

Permission has been granted to reproduce, edit and make changes to the supplied image. No further consultation will be required if the image is used for the intended purposes of sexual health.  Adam W. Martin will retain ownership of the original painting and will NOT be used again for any other commercial purposes.

Thank you to Arthur K. Martin, Redwhip Studio, for his media design of the sexual health banner used on this website.

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