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1. School Wide sweeps 3 times/year; in September, January and March of the school year

• Each school will assist with identifying support staff or parent volunteers to assist the school nurse with head checks of the entire student body for 3 day. Early Childhood Development worker will assist the school nurse as well if available. (2 days will be checks and 1 day re-checks)

• Please note: You do not have to be a nurse to check for head lice/nits.

2. Students with live lice and/or nits should be sent home for treatment and will be directed to purchase a medicated head lice product at a pharmacy or obtain a prescription from the family doctor.

3. Parents will be educated on the removal and management of Head Lice in their home.

• Ensure every person in the home is checked and treated if necessary.

• Household cleaning includes any items that have been in contact with the hair: combs, brushes, hair accessories, pillows, bedding, stuffed animals, clothing, hats, helmets, and car seats. Items should be washed in hot soapy water and dried in a hot dryer for 20 mins. Anything that can’t be washed should be sealed in a plastic bag for 2 weeks.

• To avoid re-infestation, it is recommended that you avoid sleepovers and notify the parents of children involved in recent sleepovers.


Day 1- Student is checked at school where lice and/or nits are found. Student is sent home immediately for treatment and removal of all nits. Student can return after treatment and removal of all nits with a re-check done at this time. Reminder to also clean the environment.

Day 2-7 Parents are to constantly check the hair and remove any nits from the hair each day. Continue to clean environment.

Day 8- Student will be rechecked by school nurse, support staff or parent volunteer. Treatment #2 is done 7 days after the first treatment ** This step is very IMPORTANT**

4. Between the school wide checks, if teachers have concerns, these students can be checked. If they have head lice, siblings in the school will be checked. Entire classrooms will no longer be checked however a note will go home with all students in the class so parents are aware and can check their child’s hair.

5. There are times when head lice/nits reoccur or the actual head lice/nits become resistant to the medical treatments. We encourage parents to reach out to the School Nurse Program, as an in home service is available to help identify the barriers of getting rid of the head lice. Referrals to other community agencies are another option such as Public Health.

6. A reminder letter will go home throughout the school year, encouraging all parents to keep monitoring their children for head lice.


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