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Early Childhood Development is mandated by the community:

The goals of the Ontario Early Childhood Development funding are to:
a. Provide early interventions in the lives of children 0-6 and families living on First Nation Reserves in Ontario

b. Encourage and support the well-being of children, individuals and families through community interaction and approaches

c. Support Early Childhood development projects at the community level that address the AHSOR program components: promotion and protection of First Nations cultures and languages, nutrition, education, health promotion, social support and parent/family involvement

d. Support prevention projects to reduce FASD births; and

e. Help make life better for children who have FASD and their families through community based intervention activities.

Guiding Principles
• Quality care is delivered in a compassionate, professional and timely manner.

• Clients benefit from a holistic care philosophy.

• Clients, caregivers and relevant services providers shall be encouraged to participate in planning and delivery of care.

• Confidentiality is respected at all times, barring legislative guidelines.

• We shall work cooperatively with other members of the Health Care team to maximize our interventions.

• We believe that quality care is provided by competent staff.

• We believe client care is enhanced by skilled, qualified and motivated staff.

• Each member of staff makes a special/important contribution to the program and to our overall mission.

For the Children:
• To assist children to acquire healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being so that they may develop inner strength and grow from a solid foundation;

• To educate children and youth on how to make positive choices;

• To impact upon children the benefits of positive attitudes and behaviours;

• To assist children in reaching their fullest academic potential;

• To initiate supportive counseling and provide referrals to appropriate community based agencies for risk reduction;

• To provide an advocacy role for children who are seeking various services within and outside the community.

For the Parents:
• To further assist parents in providing a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for their children;

• To provide support to and encouragement to parents and families as required;

• To assist parents in gaining a full understanding of the social environment of the school;

• To develop strategies that will increase parent participation with regards to their children’s problems, progress, and development;

• To provide parents alternative methods of parenting, if requested such as behaviour management skills;

• To recruit and encourage the active participation of parents in community information sessions

• To provide an advocacy role for parents whom are seeking various services within and outside the community

For the Teachers:
• To assist teachers in early detection of student challenges

• To assist teachers in positive classroom management styles;

• To provide an advocacy role for Teachers who are seeking various services within and outside the community.

For the Community:
• To provide a frontline resource and to coordinate programming with other community agencies;

• To provide employment for six members of the community;

• To develop a strategy that will increase community awareness regarding values of community wellness and available resources;

• To recruit and encourage the active participation of the community in the information sessions;

• To establish a mechanism whereby the community undertakes the task of understanding family dynamics and its effects on the individual, family and community;

• To complement the Six Nations Education system

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