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Introduction to Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home
At Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home we will ensure that all Residents are treated with respect and dignity when accessing health care services. We will also ensure that all our Residents live in a healthy environment that is sensitive and responsive to their unique spiritual and cultural values.

Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home is a long term care home. Our main focus is the care we provide. This is care that enhances the quality of life, dignity and autonomy of our Residents, their families and our staff. It is care which is delivered in consideration of our Residentsí needs. Our team has an interdisciplinary approach, which includes our Residents, their families, our staff and our contracted service providers.

Our ultimate goal is individualized care which emphasizes the holistic approach. This care addresses the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, restorative, recreational, ethno-cultural, spiritual and environmental needs of each Resident. Individual rights and wishes are paramount in providing care within our resources.

How we achieve our vision is as important as the vision itself. Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home will maintain the provision of individualized care by promoting and maintaining our Residentsí way of life within the aboriginal culture, traditions, and spirituality, while providing individualized optimal care.

Our services and programmes are designed to meet the growing and changing needs of our Residents and to provide a rewarding work environment for our staff. We are committed to providing high-quality care and service through a Resident-Centred approach. We will create an environment that empowers each Resident's rights to dignity, self-esteem and independence.

Our Foundation of Values:
The foundation of our values shall be timeless, yet our strategies and practices will evolve as our environment changes. The foundation for our values defines what Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home stands for and is the framework for our decision making.

Respect: a way of life given to all living things, beginning with self, then ripples out within the community.

Residents First: We put our Residentsí best interests first in our decision making. We support our Residentsí independence and dignity, valuing life choices and respecting their decisions.

Relationships: are developed between Residents, staff, and our community, among all who share the land.

Building Trusted Partnerships: We know we canít do it alone. We will enhance our services by building trusted partnerships with employees and service providers who share similar values.

Responsibility: is the link between the communityís well-being, with the knowledge that each person is accountable for his or her own actions.

Always Improving Quality: We know there is always room to improve. We are committed to improving quality through leadership, innovation and perseverance.

Reverence: a respect that deals with the spirituality of our nature, in the circle of life.

Being Accountable: We are accountable to our Residents and our partners. We are committed to managing our physical, environmental, financial and human resources ethically and responsibly.
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