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Admission Agreements
The Resident and Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home have responsibilities to one another. Upon admission, the Resident and/or the Residentís representative will be required to sign an Accommodation Agreement and an Unfunded Service Agreement.

Accommodation Agreement:
Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home agrees to:
  1. Furnish room, board, linens and bedding, nursing care and those personal services necessary for the health, safety, well-being of the Resident.

  2. Obtain the services of a licensed Physician as well as such medications covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan as the Physician may order.

  3. Arrange for the transfer of the Resident to hospital when ordered by the Attending Physician and to notify the Residentís Power of Attorney for Care of the transfer.

  4. Make refunds in accordance with established policy.

  5. Recognize and put into practice Residentsí Rights every day.

The Admission Agreement must be signed on admission and yearly thereafter. Payment for the first month is due on admission. Future payments for accommodation are due at the first of each month.

Unfunded Service Agreement:
  • Whereas optional services, known as ďUnfunded ServicesĒ, are made available to Residents at long-term care homes in Ontario for additional charges over and above the monthly fees for accommodation;

  • And whereas the Resident and/or the Residentís representative understands and agrees that Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home provides Unfunded Services for which charges are levied and for which the Resident and/or the Power of Attorney is responsible for payment;

  • And whereas, upon accepting the Resident for admission, the LTC Home and the Resident and/or the Power of Attorney have entered into a fee for service business agreement;

Now therefore, the parties agree as follows:
  1. The Resident and/or the Residentís Representative are responsible for the provision of personal clothing and effects as needed or desired.

  2. The Resident and/or the Residentís Representative are responsible for the provision of spending money that is deposited into the Resident Trust Account. This must be completed at the administration office Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 16:00 (4 p.m.).

  3. The Resident and/or the Power of Attorney (POA) are responsible for hospital charges and transportation to hospital and medical appointments. A family member or Power of Attorney must accompany the Resident to all appointments. If this is not possible, the Power of Attorney or a family member will arrange for an appointment suited to their own availability. The following transportation expenses are the responsibility of Resident/POA if Iroquois Lodge Nursing HomeĎs van/bus is used: the wages of the employee for the time spent on outing, mileage (as per current kilometre) and parking.

  4. The Resident and/or the Power of Attorney are responsible for any Physicianís fees, medications and other treatments or aids ordered by the Physician and not covered by existing benefit programmes such as INAC or ODSP.

  5. The Resident and/or the Power of Attorney are responsible for all unfunded services, where authorized by the Resident or the Power of Attorney.

Daily Rates:
Rates are established annually by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Province of Ontario.

Services Provided at No Extra Charge Include:
  1. Standard ward accommodation (with Residentís co-payment).
  2. Meals, including special and therapeutic diets.
  3. Laundry, including machine washing and drying of personal clothing.
  4. Skilled nursing and personal care given by or under the supervision of a Registered Nurse under the direction of a physician.
  5. Routine medical supplies.
  6. Routine personal hygiene and grooming supplies.
  7. Regularly scheduled programmes.
As of July 1, 2015;
  • Current maximum charges for basic accommodation: $58.35 per day or $1,774.81 per month

  • Current maximum charges for preferred (semi) accommodation: $66.35 per day or $2,018.15 per month.

  • During a medical absence, psychiatric absence, casual absence and vacation absence, a Resident continues to be responsible for the payment of the maximum amounts that may be charged by Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home to the Resident for the same class of accommodation that was provided to the Resident immediately before the absence.

  • Even if Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home does not have an agreement with the Resident, the Resident is responsible for the payment of amounts charged by the Home for basic accommodation calculated in accordance with the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007.

  • If the Residentís income is not sufficient to pay for the basic accommodation rate, there is a subsidy available to reduce the accommodation rate. Subsidies are only available for basic accommodation.

  • Where a long-stay Resident of a long-term care home has accessed all sources of income to maximize his or her annual net income, the Resident may request for a rate reduction application package, where the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care determines the eligibility for a reduced amount payable by the Resident for basic accommodation.

  • Iroquois Lodge Nursing Home can provide a rate reduction application package to Residents to complete. The application must be in a form and manner acceptable to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Long-Term Care, must include all supporting documentation required by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Long-Term Care, and must include the Notice of Assessment issued under the Income Tax Act (Canada) for the Residentís most recent taxation year. Upon the request of a Resident, the Home will provide assistance in completing the application. Please see the Administrative Assistant for further information on rate reductions and to determine whether or not you qualify.

  • Dates to remember for Residents to whom the rate reduction applies:

  • June 30th of each year the current rate reduction expires and between July 1 and 30th you must submit the Notice of Assessment for the New Year.
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