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The Ohsweken dental office was
first opened in 1950 with Dr.
Conway. The dental office was
first located in the old medical
building across the road from
where it is located now.

John Green was the first dental
driver. He went into the schools
to bring the children to the
dental office. Roger Porter
started in 1959 he was the next
dental driver as well as the maintenance person for the medical building.

Nina Burnham started at the clinic in 1962. She then moved into the new dental office at Gane Yohs when the new building was erected in November 2, 1981.

There have been many dentists that have come and gone but only 2 have stayed for over 20 years. Dr. Douglas Crane started in 1977 in the old building but moved to the new building when it was erected. Dr. Bruce Duncan started in 1982 one year after the building was built.

Primary Goal
The primary goal of the office from the beginning has been to provide dental service to all registered school-aged children. Dental care is also available for the elderly and disabled. Emergency treatment is provided for all members of the community, but due to the increased number of patients eligible for dental service, non-emergency adult treatment has been affected. New adult patients or those who have not received regular care in Ohsweken for several years are being referred to dentists off the reserve. This allows the school children to be treated properly. The benefits available to patients are the same in any dental office across Canada.

Emergency cases
In case of emergencies and there is no dentist available, patients are asked to go to the Emergency Department at the hospitals were they have a dentist on call.
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